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Helping you solve problems for good through coaching, consulting, and curated events that empower you to live the life you have always imagined.

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Start your bold journey today!

Unlock your full potential with a guide who understands the art of bold transformation.

With decades of experience in leading change, I'm here to empower you to master your mindset, embrace your true self, and achieve your dreams. My approach, inspired by the principles of The Believe-Own-Learn-Design (BOLD) Framework, combines personal insight with strategic action, designed to lead you toward a life that's not just successful, but deeply fulfilling and authentically yours.

Whether you're looking to ignite your personal journey, elevate your professional path, or bring a visionary project to life, let's turn your aspirations into reality, together.

Are you ready to free your boldness and live the life you want?

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Ready to make a change? Thousands of women have reached their goals using The BOLD Framework. With this roadmap for success, you will believe in yourself without question, own your destiny, learn from setbacks and success, and design a life you love. 

Be BOLD Today

Coming November 2024


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One-to-one personalized coaching to help you reach the next level of joy and success. From career pivots and planning your dream business to building your personal brand, these coaching sessions will enable you to not only reach your goals, but surpass them.


For Individuals

Full-service consulting that provides expertise and curated experiences to enable you to create new opportunities for "big swings of bold" that result in positive change and expedited results.


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For organizations

Two opportunities to meet incredible women executives and genuinely grow your community. While The Bold Table is an elevated networking dinner with special guest speakers, The Bold Retreat is a multi-day strategic wellness retreat to reset and realign your personal and professional goals.

The Bold Table &
The Bold Retreat

Curated Events

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- Tracy

"Leigh is a dynamic, knowledgeable leader who is able to help you take your vision to the next level by creating appropriate plans and tactics for success while also ensuring you are supported through the process. She is a dedicated, driven individual who will help ensure excellence in what you are pursuing."


I'm Leigh, your new guide for all things BOLD.

I am an expert in strategy, problem-solving, agility, and branding. 

As a consultant, coach, podcast host, author, and speaker, I can help you or your organization achieve your goals in an actionable and efficient manner. 

Did I mention I am #bold?

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The place where bold stories are freed.

Tune in for empowering stories of boldness that will inspire and enable you to live the life you want.

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