A community designed to unite, inspire, and empower women like you to embrace their potential and make a meaningful impact in the world. By coming together, sharing our experiences, and uplifting one another, we can create a future that's bolder and more impactful.

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The Bold Leaders Collective is more than a network— it's a thriving ecosystem of empowered women leaders, innovators, creatives and change-makers. Designed to ignite your leadership journey, our membership is curated to foster creativity, collaboration, and personal growth.

We believe we can build a diverse community of leaders who can learn from and support each other in various ways that is not dependent on title or tenure, but commitment to one another.

The Bold Leaders Collective is the place where ambition meets action, fun flirts with focus, we use learning and connection as fuel for our success, we give back intentionally and you, as a woman leader, find your lifelong hype squad.

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Once applications are open, submit your application as registrations will be limited. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. 


You will receive an email within 3 business days from your application that confirms your membership or waitlist status.

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Once you're admitted, you will receive all information and instructions on joining the community and accessing all resources. 


There will be LIMITED REGISTRATIONS in each cohort.

The Fall Cohort is currently FULL!
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Community & Networking: We are redefining "networking," ensuring that the connections you make are lasting, intentional, and meaningful. With our events, you will immerse yourself in a world where collaboration meets purpose, creativity and innovation and creates community.

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Member-Only Access to Signature Coaching Programs: Including Boost, which is a 4-month group coaching program (September-December) that includes monthly live sessions and exclusive resources to help ensure you are primed for success in 2024 and end 2023 with the highest level of momentum to achieve your goals.

Learning & Education: Priority access and special discounts to online courses, workshops, and resources from Bold University. Led by Leigh and other industry experts, this is your avenue for continuous learning and growth. You can even apply to collaborate and share your offerings! Collaboration is at the heart, not competition.

Early Registration Access & Exclusive Discounts to Events: Gain early access to register for Bold events, including The Bold Table and The Bold Retreat, which often sell out within the first day. Only members will receive special discounts on registration!

Giving Back: A important tenet of membership will be to engage in projects that make a meaningful difference by actively giving back to the communities that need us most. Align yourself with projects that resonate with your core values, and make a tangible difference in women's lives globally. 

"I can actually brag about things I have done and people celebrate WITH ME without me feeling guilty for being a bold badass. I have owned this power and used this new found energy to drive me towards things moving me forward and upward. This abundance mindset has helped me start a company, develop my purpose into alignment with my goals- including my decision matrix for finding my next career move."

— Michelle

"A new tribe of people rooting me on in life !"

Member Criteria

Membership Criteria





We recognize the diversity of leadership and aim to accommodate leaders from various backgrounds, experiences, and roles. We believe that leadership is multi-dimensional and is not solely based on titles or the size of one's team. We seek individuals who demonstrate commitment, influence, and a passion for fostering collaboration and growth.

To create a diverse and inclusive community, our membership criteria is as follows:

Genuinely grow your personal and professional network

Lifelong learning opportunties

Exclusive perks, discounts, and offerings for events and coaching

Amplify your impact and your engagement with your community

Elevate your skills, knowledge, and leadership 

Feel more supported and in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your life.

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Whether you're charting out the next Fortune 500 company, plotting a game-changing career pivot, or just looking for powerhouse women to share a latte (or a cocktail) with, we've got a seat saved for you.

The Bold Leaders Collective is the place where ambition meets action, fun meets focus, learning and connection fuels success, we give back intentionally and you, as a woman leader, find your lifelong hype squad!

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