Equipping leaders with the tools, strategies, and insights needed to navigate with confidence, innovation, and boldness. As a thought leader and powerhouse connector, I'm determined to ignite and support the bold journeys of others. 

Believe. own. learn. design.
Your Path to a BOLD Life. 

I'm Leigh, your guide for all things BOLD.

I am an expert in strategy, problem-solving, agility, and branding. These offerings are designed to equip ambitious leaders with the tools, strategies, and insights needed to navigate the complexities of their industry with confidence, innovation, and bold leadership.

Integrating boldness into personal and organizational growth presents a transformative opportunity for attendees.

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"Leigh has built her impressive career around helping women make bold moves in their careers and in their lives."

 —Jessica Sibley, CEO of TIME

Learn how to break out of limitations, lead with confidence, develop resilience, and achieve success in your industry using The BOLD Framework.

Unleash Your Potential with BOLD Strategies 

The Power of BOLD Leadership 

Insights on how embracing boldness can transform challenges into opportunities, fostering innovation and growth in the fast-evolving business landscape across your organization, teams and individually.

Popular Keynotes

Building a BOLD Personal Brand 

Strategies on how to develop and promote a personal brand that stands out, leveraging the Believe-Own-Learn-Design (B.O.L.D.) Framework. Tackle the areas that may hold you back like imposter syndrome, confidence, and overthinking.

Workshop Offerings

An interactive session on applying the Believe-Own-Learn-Design framework to personal and professional challenges with practical exercises and personalized strategy development.

Workshop on leadership skills tailored for the fintech environment, focusing on innovation, team building, and navigating the unique challenges women face in the sector using the D-90 consulting model that can be applied to your organization and team to take your leadership and outcomes to the next level!

A hands-on workshop for developing a compelling personal brand, covering online presence, speaking opportunities, podcasts and networking strategies to elevate your personal brand to support your career and future.

BOLD Framework Deep Dive

Personal Branding Bootcamp

The D-90 Model as an Innovative Leadership Tool

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Ready to make a change? Thousands of women have reached their goals using The BOLD Framework. With this roadmap for success, you will believe in yourself without question, own your destiny, learn from setbacks and success, and design a life you love. 

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