It all began with
a big swing of bold.

After over 20 years in healthcare and business, I went out on my own to build Bold Industries Group (BIG), an organization that encompasses my passion for tackling big challenges that when solved, make the world a better place.

 Through my signature Believe-Own-Learn Design (B.O.L.D.) Framework and approach, my goal is to create positive change and community-building through consulting, coaching, and curated events like the Bold Retreat and Bold Table.

My mission is to help leaders
solve problems 
for good.

Nothing beats baseball at Fenway Park in the summer watching the Red Sox.


I find joy in music and have been to over 300 concerts and think shopping at a vinyl store is a great way to spend a Saturday.​ ​


I have four of the goofiest and cutest puppies in the world- Maple, an English Cream Retriever, Alvin, a Bichon-Poodle mix, and Yogi and Bear, Bernese Mountain Dogs.​


By hosting signature events such as The Bold Table and The Bold Retreat, she cultivates a genuine, supportive community. Leigh also launched The Bold Lounge podcast with the intention of amplifying the bold journeys of others. The Bold Lounge has been recognized as one of the top 10% of podcasts shared globally and is in the top 25% of followed podcasts on Spotify. 

Recognized for her groundbreaking approach to personal and organizational performance, Leigh harnesses the power of strategy, mindset, and wellness to achieve optimal results. This unique blend of elements forms the cornerstone of her signature Believe-Own-Learn-Design (BOLD) Framework that she uses with organizations and individuals for advanced agile performance.

Leigh is also a regular contributor to Forbes, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur. She was honored as a one of Success Magazine’s 50 Women of Influence and one of Success Magazine’s 125 Leaders Making a Difference. Her new book Be Bold Today: Unleash Your Potential, Master Your Mindset, and Achieve Success, which is all about how to apply the BOLD Framework to your own life, will be distributed by Simon & Schuster in fall 2024.

"Being bold is owning your greatness and knowing you are the one to drive the changes needed, define the path, and create the map for your dreams." 

As the founder and CEO of her own company, Leigh has leveraged her innovative spirit, keen business acumen, and relentless drive for success to impact the lives of countless professionals and entrepreneurs.

After 20+ years working in healthcare and education, Leigh founded and launched Bold Industries Group, Inc. (BIG) in 2020. BIG is a corporation that encompasses her passion for business consulting, coaching, and curated events. With an eye towards driving performance, Leigh’s unique consulting services provide a comprehensive blend of strategy, agile design thinking, and bold business moves. She also helps individuals achieve the maximum potential of their lives through coaching, enabling them to create a strong personal foundation to bring them closer to success and a meaningful lifestyle.

Fun facts about me:

Take Me Back to London by Ed Sheeran and Stormzy


Vanilla cake with vanilla icing


Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday


A Cozy Green Tea


The latest Hallmark Movie



"Leigh learns what is needed for a project to be successful faster than imaginable. She has a phenomenal ability to absorb vast amounts of information and turn it into creative, results-oriented actions. The outcomes are tailored to the need, exceptionally well thought out, and bring aspirational values to life."

- Tracy

so they say: