Boost: A 4-Month Intensive Coaching Program for Bold Women Leaders

Take Bold Action and Unleash the Power of Your Leadership

I'm Leigh!

Leigh Burgess, CEO & Founder, is a driven entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others live their best life. Her secret recipe for success? A #bold, can-do spirit that's unafraid to take calculated risks, coupled with a mindset that refuses to let setbacks hold her back. With her infectious energy and a genuine desire to inspire, she helps each client define success and be bold on their terms. With a focus on the intersection of mindset, strategy, and wellness, her Believe-Own-Learn-Design (B.O.L.D.) Framework is your map to the #bold life. 


Discover the path to extraordinary leadership with Boost, an exclusive 4-month intensive coaching program designed specifically for ambitious women leaders in The Bold Leaders Collective. Guided by by your coach Leigh Burgess, this transformative journey will help you conquer your goals, amplify your potential, and set the stage for an unprecedented year of growth.

With Boost, you'll gain access to:

Monthly Live Sessions with Leigh Burgess: Engage in powerful conversations and breakthrough coaching with Leigh, designed to elevate your leadership abilities, uncover untapped potentials, and overcome any barriers that stand between you and your goals.

Weekly Lessons: Stay ahead and track your goals thoughtfully with personalized weekly lessons filled with actionable insights, practices, and strategies, all tailored to support your unique path as a bold woman leader.

Curated Planning Resources: Ensure you stay organized, focused, and on-track with an exclusive collection of carefully curated planning tools, templates, and resources designed to help you meticulously orchestrate your success.

A Strategic Map to Accomplish Your Goals: No goal or ambition is left behind in Boost. You'll be provided with a comprehensive strategic map constructed explicitly for reaching your goals with a sense of triumph and unstoppable momentum towards your objectives.

Unwavering Support & Accountability: Throughout the program, you'll have the support, encouragement, and accountability needed to stay committed to your bold goals. By surrounding yourself with like-minded women leaders in the Collective, you'll experience the power of collaboration, camaraderie, and community in your leadership journey.

Our mission with Boost is to empower you to step into your full potential as a woman leader, providing you with the resources, coaching, and support needed to navigate the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead. Don't let another year slip by without realizing your true potential. Join Leigh Burgess in Boost and claim the life and leadership you deserve.

Apply now to join the ranks of The Bold Leaders Collective and unlock your pathway to profound growth with Boost. We can't wait to see the incredible leader you become.

Are you ready to redefine your future?


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I'm Leigh, your new guide for all things BOLD.

I am an expert in strategy, problem-solving, agility, and branding. 

As a consultant, coach, podcast host, author, and speaker, I can help you or your organization achieve your goals in an actionable and efficient manner. 

Did I mention I am #bold?

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