Led by Leigh and other industry experts, this is your avenue for continuous learning and growth. Courses, workshops, masterclasses, and signature coaching offerings are all available to help you grow and reach your next level of success. 

Taking you to the next level

Discover how to magnify your unique skills and vision into a marketable asset that sets you apart. At Bold University, you'll learn how to turn your innate talents into a compelling brand that speaks volumes. Master the art of storytelling, digital marketing, and personal branding to market your genius like a pro.

How to Market Your Genius

How to Close Every Deal

Get ready to sharpen your negotiation skills and master the art of the deal. Bold University guides you through the psychological and tactical aspects of negotiation and sales ensuring you can close with confidence. We will share strategies for actionable strategies for closing deals that not only benefit you but create lasting partnerships.

Examples of what you'll learn here: 

How to Showcase Your Thought Leadership 

Unlock the secrets of becoming an impactful thought leader in your domain. From crafting compelling content to public speaking engagements, we'll equip you with the skills you need to inspire, educate, and lead in your field. We'll teach you how to share your expertise through various platforms, from blogs to podcasts to keynote speeches, solidifying your position as an industry thought leader.

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Bold Beginnings: Launching Your
Own Business with Confidence

Take the leap and kickstart your entrepreneurial journey with boldness and confidence. This course is curated specifically for women who dream of starting their own business. We'll cover everything from generating innovative ideas, crafting a robust business plan, securing funding, to making your first sale. Equip yourself with the necessary tools and insights to navigate the exciting world of entrepreneurship. Turn your business dreams into reality and create a legacy that's distinctly yours.

Boost: A 4-Month Intensive Coaching Program for Bold Women Leaders

Discover the path to extraordinary leadership with Boost, an exclusive 4-month intensive coaching program designed specifically for ambitious women leaders in The Bold Leaders Collective. Guided by by your coach Leigh Burgess, this transformative journey will help you conquer your goals, amplify your potential, and set the stage for an unprecedented year of growth in 2024.


The very cornerstone of all things BOLD. This Believe-Own-Learn-Design Framework provides the foundation needed for living life on your own terms. With a module for each part of the framework, you will be equipped with videos, resources, and a specially curated workbook to walk you through the framework towards designing your most fulfilling life. 

Unlocking Your Potential Through the B.O.L.D. Framework

Signature Courses

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Positioning Your Brand: The Role of Boldness in Personal Branding

Stand out in your field with a powerful and authentic personal brand. This course helps you embrace your unique qualities, project your strengths, and communicate your value to the world. Build your brand, your community and increase your connections and followers. Be bold, be seen, be you!